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Aesthetic: <*> Vertical  Horizontal  Text Table
Numerical:  1 to 27  28 to 54  Text Table

Vertical, White:

I'll get you monsters! 31   

Vertical, Yellow:

Kiss my Pac-Man 30    Pac-Man is coming / Don't play this game... Pac-Man is better 41    Pac-Man repairman... by appointment only / Join the Pac-Man majority! 21    Pac-Man Report Card... Novice Fair Good Expert Out'a Sight! 48    Today is national Pac-Man Day / Pac-Man does it with monsters! 32    We want Pac-Man / Pac-Man does it with monsters! 50   

Vertical, Black:

Be kind to Pac-Man! 20    Catch me if you can! [pac-man] 53    Catch me if you can! [ghost] 34    Eat my dust Pac-Man! 35    Good to the last bite 25    Happiness is a hungry Pac-Man 33    Happiness is a hungry Pac-Man [duplicate of #33] 51    How far can you go? 28    I have Pac-Man hangover! 15    I'm eatin' everything in sight! 45    School's out, Pac-Man's in! 26    Smile... Pac-Man is watching! 38    Waka! Waka! Waka! 1     Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka! GULP! 9     Watch out for Pac-Man! 46    You'd smile too if you could eat monsters! 7    

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