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Aesthetic:  Vertical  Horizontal  Text Table
Numerical:  1 to 24  25 to 48 <*> Text Table

V=Vertical H=Horizontal
W=White Y=Yellow K=Black

# Code Description
1HK_wwwhWaka! Waka! Waka! Waka! / Here comes jaws!
2HK_lgtwLet's get together / What if we're caught?
3HK_aykwAre you kidding? / Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka!
4HK_flicFree lunch! / I'm cooked now!
5HK_iqbyI'm quick but you're quicker / Eat my dust
6HK_wwhcWaka! Waka! / Here comes jaws!
7HK_sotsSlide out the side door / I'm cookin' now
8HK_sotsSlide out the side door / I'm cookin' now [duplicate of #7]
9HK_wwwmWaka! Waka! ! / Who me?
10HY_pmfpPac-Man for President
11HY_pmhPac-Man Headquarters [European version only]
12VY_pmrbPac-Man repairman... by appointment only / Join the Pac-Man majority!
13HK_ysylYeah! / Support your local Pac-Man
14VK_wofpWatch out for Pac-Man!
15VK_cimxCatch me if you can! [ghost]
16VK_hiahHappiness is a hungry Pac-Man
17VK_ystiYou'd smile too if you could eat monsters!
18VK_gttlGood to the last bite
19VK_sopmSchool's out, Pac-Man's in!
20VK_wwwgWaka! Waka! Waka! Waka! GULP!
21VK_ieeiI'm eatin' everything in sight!
22HK_wwwlWaka! Waka! Waka! Waka! / Look out!
23HK_pmdiPac-Man does it again / Gotcha!
24HK_wwwaWaka! Waka! Waka! Waka! / Are you kidding?
25VK_hfcyHow far can you go?
26HK_gmGotcha! / Mommy!
27VK_hiahHappiness is a hungry Pac-Man [duplicate of #16]
28VK_cimyCatch me if you can! [pac-man]
29VK_emdpEat my dust Pac-Man!
30VY_igymI'll get you monsters! [European version only]
31VK_spmiSmile... Pac-Man is watching!
32VY_pmrcPac-Man Report Card... Novice Fair Good Expert Out'a Sight!
33HY_wwwfWeekends were made for Pac-Man
34HY_pmbbPac-Man bites back!
35HY_uspmU.S. Pac-Man Team [2nd Pac is orange]
36HY_opmfOfficial Pac-Man Fan Club
37HK_tiylTry it. / You'll like it!
38HK_nlgtNever! / Let's get together
39HK_watmWhere are those monsters? / The Pac-Man knows
40HK_hailHow about it? / Let's get together
41HK_cfdfCharge! / Feet don't fail me now!
42HK_riaReady? / I am!
43HY_icsoI'm cookin' / Slide out the side door [European version only]
44HY_gotrGot'em on the run / Gulp! [European version only]
45VK_wwwWaka! Waka! Waka!
46VK_bktpBe kind to Pac-Man!
47VK_ihpmI have Pac-Man hangover!
48VY_kmpmKiss my Pac-Man

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